Wednesday, 30 September 2009

After You’ve Gone


Jimmy (Nicholas Lyndhurst) is the only man who, after his divorce, still has to deal with his disapproving, meddling mother-in-law. When his ex-wife (Samantha Spiro) volunteers to go to east Africa to help the victims of a natural disaster, weekend-dad Jimmy agrees to take care of their two teenage kids (Ryan Sampson & Dani Harmer) full time in an attempt to win her back!

Vincent Ebrahim, Amanda Abbington, Roxanne Ricketts, Sheri-An Davis.

This is one hilarious sitcom from the writers of My Family. With a great cast, that play there parts well. After You've Gone is just a brilliant and amazing comedy. If you love comedy this is one for you!!!

The Catherine Tate Show


A self-titled sketch show from the Perrier-nominated comedian. This hilarious series is a menagerie of instantly recognisable characters, from the Hollywood actress with an over-enthusiastic penchant for botox to the screaming housewife who hollers every time her toast jumps from the toaster. Characters from everyday life are parodied to the extreme as the talented actress morphs through ages, accents and wigs.

Catherine Tate, Niky Wardley, Matthew Horne, Andy Dennehy, Angela McHale, Bruce Mackinnon.

From the start to the finish, this is really good. One of the best TV shows the BBC has ever made. Its its witty, its funny. Catherine Tate is the funniest people in today's comedy. If you haven't yet seen any of her shows then watch it. Really disappointed they they stopped making the show!!!

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme


A sitcom about two dreamy roommates in London. Gay unemployed actor Tom Farrell (James Dreyfus) has a vague ambition to become the British Tom Cruise, but his career is going nowhere, and his love life isn't too hot either. Linda La Hughes (Kathy Burke) is about as attractive as a centenary nun, yet has delusions of romantic love and actually aims at Tom, by far the most attractive man in her life, even if he is only into men. Yet as life keeps knocking them down, they are sort of condemned often to depend on each-other for want of better.

Beth Goddard, Brian Bovell.

What a great TV series, one of the best TV series of 1999. Really a hilarious series if your a Kathy Burke fan you'll love this. Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus work really well in this show.

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Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps


Two Pints follows the lives and loves of five friends. Donna (Natalie Casey) and Gaz (Will Mellor) are just starting off their relationship while Janet (Sheridan Smith) and Jonny (Ralf Little) seem to have a solid romance. Meanwhile Louise (Kathryn Drysdale) is somewhat unlucky in love. The friends meet at the local pub to chat about sex and life.

At the end of each series viewers are presented with a cliff-hanger which leaves it in the air as to whether the couples will stay together.

This sitcom has been running for nine years now and thus a number of characters have come and gone. Most notably, the main character of Jonny (Ralf Little) is no longer in the show. Tim the barman (Luke Gell) has been added as a regular character to fill this gap.

Other characters no longer in the show include Gaz's half brother Munch (Lee Oakes), Louise's boyfriend Australian David (Jonathan Dutton) and Donna's mum Flo (Beverley Callard).

At the end of the latest series viewers were given the chance to decide the outcome of a love triangle between Gaz, Janet and Donna. In the end fans voted for Gaz to go back to Donna.

Hayley Bishop, Thomas Nelstrop, Alison Mac, Neo Hall.

I really love this show, As you can see, from my other posts, I really do love comedys. The characters are excellent and really hillarious. The creator Susan Nickson should be praised for this show. This is just one of my favourites, if you love comedys this should be at the top of your list!

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Monday, 28 September 2009

My family


British comedy series about the Harper family. Father Ben (Robert Lindsay) is a dentist who'd like to see his children move out of the house as soon as possible because all he wants is peace and quiet. His eldest son Nick (Kris Marshall) - who later on in the series does move out - is a complete idiot and a no-good who can't hold on to any of the various jobs he has. Daughter Janey (Daniela Denby-Ashe) is very shallow and not very picky when it comes to boys while son Michael (Gabriel Thomson) is way too smart for Ben and doesn't feel the need to communicate much with his father. His curious wife Susan (Zoe Wanamaker) clearly makes all the decisions in the household. Later on in the series Ben gets an assistant at work, goofy and naive Roger (Keiron Self), and when Janey finally moves out, no-brainer Abi (Siobhan Hayes) moves in, while Janey keeps visiting, sometimes bringing along her little son, Kenzo (Bay Kenzo Thomas & Noah Davis, Tayler Marshall) . So much for Ben's peace and quiet.

Really love this show, watch it every time its on TV. Its not as good as it use to be as theirs no nick any more and he was one of my favourite characters. But still great to watch always guaranteed a laugh!!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Vicar of Dibley


From the writer of Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral, Richard Curtis.

The sleepy village of Dibley has a new vicar, but it's not your standard order bloke with beard, bible and bad breath - it's Dawn French, of the hilarious comedy duo French and Saunders. Armed with a sharp wit, a double dose of double entendre and healthy supply of chocolate, she brings the town's lovable - through rather eccentric - inhabitants a hysterical new outlook on life, love and the Church of England that will leave audiences in stitches!

Gary Waldhorn, James Fleet, Emma Chambers, Trevor Peacock, Roger Lloyd-Peck, John Bluthal.

The Vicar of Dibley is a great classic! This so hilarious, it keeps you laughing from start to finish. One of Dawn French's finest comedy's.
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The Royle Family


Sit down, put your feet up, light a fag and join Britain's first family in their sitting room, for the complete three series of The Royle Family as well as the Christmas specials and the Finale episode!

The Royle Family is a real-life comedy set in a Manchester council house. Imagine a secret camera placed in the living room of an average working class family. The intense drama and emotions of everyday life, such as whose turn it is to go to the off-licence, is set against the continuous hum of the television. The rosy hue of their life is yellowed only by a nicotine haze.

Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston, Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash, Ralf Little, Liz Smith, Jessica Hynes, Doreen Keogh.

Really like this series, keeps you laughing all the way through. A great cast that really work well together. If you haven't watched this series, then your missing out on a great comedy. Feel sorry for poor Anthony though lol!!!

Touch by an Angel

Angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives. Monica (Roma Downey), an angel who at times still needs some guidance with her earthly assignments, reports to Tess (Della Reese), her tough, wise, and always loving supervisor. Joining them is Andrew (John Dye), who, in addition to his duties as the Angel of Death, helps out as a caseworker on various assignments. The angels may not bring answers to every problem, but they always deliver a message of hope. (Valerie Bertinelli)

This is a great TV show and would highly recommend all. This is based of real life events that could happen to anybody, it tells you that you are not alone. It lasted 9 seasons so it shows you that the show did have the following!!!

Stolen Innocence


A rebellious American teenager's plan to assert her independence runs an explosively violent course when she falls for the charms of an alluring ex-convict in Stolen Innocence, a gripping drama based on a true story.

Eighteen-year-old Stacy Sapp (Tracey Gold) runs away from her overbearing mother Becky (Bess Armstrong) and passive father John (Nick Searcy) for a life of freedom and adventure on the road. The naïve girl meets Richard Brown (Thomas Calabro), a handsome, charismatic young man travelling across the country on a crime spree.

Terence Knox, Matt Letscher, Richard Conti, Mary Eaton Fairfield, Brendon Ryan Barrett, Amanda Detmer, Nick Scoggin.

This movie was really great, its based on a true story about this girl runs away as she cant stand living with her parents no more. She meets up with a man and they need money so they fake a ransom to the girls parents. But all in all a really good movie, I recommend it to all.

Switching Parents aka Gregory K


TV movie based on the the story of the kid who divorced his parents. Gregory (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has lived a rough life. His father (Robert Joy) abuses him and his two brothers (Brian Cook & Daniel DeSanto). The boys are placed with the mother. Gregory is placed in a boys ranch after his mother (Kathleen York) can't take care of him and his two brothers. While at the ranch a lawyer visiting the facility meets him. He (Bill Smitrovich)and his wife (Kristin Griffith) decide to adopt him and make him a part of the family. But Gregory can't be adopted until his biological parents lose custody. He divorces his parents from their rights to him.

Joyce Reehling, Geoffrey Bowes, Janet Bailey, Elizabeth Berman, Brett Halsey, Kathleen Laskey.

This story just goes to show what is wrong with the child welfare system. Its not alway best for the child to stay with there parents. He has been abused and neglected along with his to siblings. They were ally parents when they felt like. Then Gregory is place in a family of lawyers, then he finds out how a family should be like. The he tries to divorce his natural parents. This is really a good movie, I would recommend it to all.

She Said No


A successful career woman (Veronica Hamel) is raped by a prominent lawyer. However, when she takes the case to court, it results in a hung jury. When the DA's office declines to retry the case, the lawyer opts to sue the woman for malicious prosecution and slander leaving her feeling raped again.

Lee Grant, Ray Baker, Mariclare Costello, Arthur Rosenberg, Rae Allen, Stan Ivar, Teddi Siddall, Deborah White, Isobel Estorick, Becky Ann Baker.

This is one of the better TV movies to come out of America in the early 1990s. This is a great court room drama and well worth a watch. It about a woman who has been raped by a lawyer, he is proven to be not guilty, and tries to sue the woman for slander, and he is his own attorney.

Stranger in the Family


A minor car crash has a major impact on the Thompson family when their teenaged son Steve (Neil Patrick Harris, Doogie Howser, M.D.) sustains a 'simple dose of concussion'. Steve's life goes into freefall as injuries deep in his brain wipe out his memory, erasing every element of his identity. His mother Randi (Teri Garr, Oscar® nominee for Tootsie) refuses to give up on her son, even if he is now a stranger to his own family. But Randi's well-meaning efforts to restore Steve's old life drive him to breaking point, and Randi must face the harsh fact that there's only one way to restore Steve to the heart of his shattered family.

Randle Mell, Sierra Samuel, Kathryn Dowling, Cully Fredicksen, Mag Ruffman, Kris LeFan.

This is really a slow story about a guy named Steve, who is in a car accident and gets amnesia. The acting wasn't up to much, story line wasn't that good, I would recommend you shouldn't waste your time one this movie!!!

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Color Me Perfect


Dina Blake (Michele Lee) is a mentally challenged, middle-aged woman who plays with the kids in the park and lives under the care of her nephew. Then two medical researchers offer Dina a radical chance to change her life by taking an experimental, intelligence-enhancing drug. The drug's effects are spectacular, raising Dina's mental capabilities to near-genius level. But when scientists play God the results can prove shattering, and as the effects of the drug begin to wear off it has profound consequences for all concerned.

Susan Blakely, Robin Thomas, Stan Cahill, Nathaniel DeVeaux, Hiromoto Ida, Joy Coghill, Katie Stuart.

I watch this movie a couple of years ago. It was really good considering I only watched it because there was nothing else on TV. Its about a woman living wither her nephew and she is retarded. She is picked by researches to test a new drug one that should help her. Gradually it starts to work and she starts getting smarter. Michele Lee plays Dina really well. If you have yet seen this movie I recommend you do!!!

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