Sunday, 27 September 2009

Switching Parents aka Gregory K


TV movie based on the the story of the kid who divorced his parents. Gregory (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has lived a rough life. His father (Robert Joy) abuses him and his two brothers (Brian Cook & Daniel DeSanto). The boys are placed with the mother. Gregory is placed in a boys ranch after his mother (Kathleen York) can't take care of him and his two brothers. While at the ranch a lawyer visiting the facility meets him. He (Bill Smitrovich)and his wife (Kristin Griffith) decide to adopt him and make him a part of the family. But Gregory can't be adopted until his biological parents lose custody. He divorces his parents from their rights to him.

Joyce Reehling, Geoffrey Bowes, Janet Bailey, Elizabeth Berman, Brett Halsey, Kathleen Laskey.

This story just goes to show what is wrong with the child welfare system. Its not alway best for the child to stay with there parents. He has been abused and neglected along with his to siblings. They were ally parents when they felt like. Then Gregory is place in a family of lawyers, then he finds out how a family should be like. The he tries to divorce his natural parents. This is really a good movie, I would recommend it to all.

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