Sunday, 27 September 2009

Stolen Innocence


A rebellious American teenager's plan to assert her independence runs an explosively violent course when she falls for the charms of an alluring ex-convict in Stolen Innocence, a gripping drama based on a true story.

Eighteen-year-old Stacy Sapp (Tracey Gold) runs away from her overbearing mother Becky (Bess Armstrong) and passive father John (Nick Searcy) for a life of freedom and adventure on the road. The naïve girl meets Richard Brown (Thomas Calabro), a handsome, charismatic young man travelling across the country on a crime spree.

Terence Knox, Matt Letscher, Richard Conti, Mary Eaton Fairfield, Brendon Ryan Barrett, Amanda Detmer, Nick Scoggin.

This movie was really great, its based on a true story about this girl runs away as she cant stand living with her parents no more. She meets up with a man and they need money so they fake a ransom to the girls parents. But all in all a really good movie, I recommend it to all.

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