Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme


A sitcom about two dreamy roommates in London. Gay unemployed actor Tom Farrell (James Dreyfus) has a vague ambition to become the British Tom Cruise, but his career is going nowhere, and his love life isn't too hot either. Linda La Hughes (Kathy Burke) is about as attractive as a centenary nun, yet has delusions of romantic love and actually aims at Tom, by far the most attractive man in her life, even if he is only into men. Yet as life keeps knocking them down, they are sort of condemned often to depend on each-other for want of better.

Beth Goddard, Brian Bovell.

What a great TV series, one of the best TV series of 1999. Really a hilarious series if your a Kathy Burke fan you'll love this. Kathy Burke and James Dreyfus work really well in this show.

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