Thursday, 3 September 2009

To Young to Die


Too Young To Die:By the age of 14, Amanda Sue Bradley (Juliette Lewis) has already suffered a lifetime of cruelty and neglect. She's alone in the world and desperate for love. All too easily, she falls prey to a seductive hustler who introduces her to a tawdry world of strip joints and drug abuse. One night, high on speed and alcohol, they take off on a murderous spree. Their victim: the one man who has ever shown Amanda love and compassion. Amanda is arrested for the kill and the crime is so brutal that, despite her age, she face trial as an adult.

Michael Tucker, Brad Pitt, Alan Fudge,
Emily Longstreth, Laurie O'Brien, Yvette Heyden,
Tom Everett, Michael O'Keefe, Dean Abston.

This is a good movie, based on true events. Amanda's life has never been perfect, and then she is raped by her stepfather. Sadly there is very few ways to support yourself, when you are 14 years old. She lies, says she 18 and she gets a job in a stripping club. She start going around with the wrong people. I would recommend to all who loves true story.

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