Monday, 7 September 2009

Carry On Screaming


Young ladies are being spirited away in the woods by Oddbod (Tom Clegg), creation of fiendish Dr Watt. Henpecked Sergeant Bung is on the case, but an early lead comes to nothing with the ghastly drowning while at work of lavatory attendant Dan Dann (Charles Hawtrey). Bung (Joan Sims) does seem to be having success with Valeria and her very obvious charms, but completely fails to realise her sinister country house holds the key to the unimaginable horrors going on.

This movie is just Hilarious. Silly tame scare factors. great actors such as the great Kenneth Williams and Fienella Fielding and Harry H.Corbet, and also Peter Butterworth. It's all just good old romping fun, not to be taken seriously at all and just watched because it always makes us laugh.
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