Monday, 7 September 2009

Carry On Cleo


The Romans invade the wet and miserable Britain, and, among others, enslave the cowardly inventor Hengist (Kenneth Connor), and the fearless warrior Horsa (Jim Dale). In an attempt to kill the Roman Emperor Caesar (Kenneth Williams)at a Roman temple, Horsa kills Caesar's enemies, but Hengist gets all the credit, and is made Caesar's bodyguard. Meanwhile, Mark Antony (Sid James), Caesar's best friend, becomes besotted with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra (Amanda Barrie), but the only way to achieve his heart's desire is to kill Caesar and Hengist....

Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Victor Maddern,
Julie Stevens, Sheila Hanncock, Jon Pertwee.

It was the first movie of this series and the best of all the carry on movies. Kenneth Williams is like born for the role as Cesar. Really a great movie,Great actors, great story, great fun!

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