Monday, 24 August 2009

Mansfield Park


At age 10, Fanny Price (Julia Joyce) is sent by her destitute mother to live with her aunt and uncle, Sir Thomas (Douglas Hodge) and Lady Bertram (Jemma Redgrave). As a child she was often made to feel that she was the poor relation but by the time she reaches 18, and in the absence of her uncle who leaves on a business trip for an extended period, she begins to enjoy herself. When Henry Crawford (Joseph Beattie) and his sister Mary (Hayley Atwell)become neighbors to the Bertrams, opportunities abound. Edmond Bertram (Blake Ritson) falls in love with Mary but she wants to marry a man with money, not someone destined to life as a clergyman. Meanwhile, Fanny's love for her cousin Edmond prevents her from accepting Mr. Crawford's proposal of marriage.

Maggie O'Neill, Tara Berwin, Lucy Hurst, Zachary Elliot-Hatton, Greg Sheffield, Billie Piper, James D'Arcy, Michelle Ryan.

I must admit I was a bit reluctant to watch this "Mansfield Park" as I was so disappointed after watching the first BBC adaptation of this same novel. But I got gripped in the story and was relieved that ITV should have made this new adaptation. The characters are believable and likable. Everyone should watch it and enjoy it!

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