Monday, 24 August 2009

Little Dorrit


A victim of her father's debt, Little Dorrit has spent her childhood behind the heavy, iron doors of Marshalsea Prison. But will a chance meeting change her life?

Andrew Davies' gripping new series brings to life Dickens' classic tale of hardship and struggle in 1820s London, where larger-than-life characters leap from rags to riches (and back again), and fortunes can be reversed in an instant.

Returning home after many years abroad, Arthur Clennam (Matthew Macfadyen) is surprised by the mysterious presence of Amy Dorrit (Claire Foy), a young seamstress, in his mother's house. Troubled by the Dorrits' plight, and suspecting his own family's involvement in their downfall, he resolves to help them. Delving into the puzzling connections between the two families, Arthur (Tom Courtenay) entangles himself in a mystery that transcends the walls of Marshalsea to include an epic scope, and a personal resonance, that makes this tale one of the most exhilarating and stirring in history. And as the truth unfolds, Arthur discovers that the shadow of debt can fall in the most unlikely of places'.

Alun Armstrong, Judy Parfitt, Eddie Marsan, Emma Pierson, Andy Serkis, Sebastian Aremesto.

Well what can I say about this great adaptation by the great Andrew Davies, it was a great series when it was on TV didn't miss an episode I was totally hooked.
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