Thursday, 27 August 2009

Clarissa Explains It All


Clarissa Explains It All was a classic Nickelodeon sitcom that ran for 5 seasons and produced 65 episodes, beginning in 1991. Clarissa, as some preferred to call it, featured plot lines that teenagers can relate to. Clarissa's family members were her annoying little brother Ferguson (Jason Zimber), her health nut mom Janet (Elizabeth Hess), and her architect dad Marshall (Joe O'Connor). Her next door neighbor, Sam (Sean O'Neal), was always welcome in her room. In fact, he used a ladder to climb through her window at any time he pleased. Clarissa also had, for a short time, a pet alligator named Elvis.

The series aired on Nickelodeon in the United States as part of their SNICK line-up from 1991-1994, lasting for 5 seasons (and continuing on in reruns for years). In 1994, the series received an Emmy nomination for 'Outstanding Children's Program'. In addition, Melissa Joan Hart, Sean O'Neal, and Jason Zimbler also received multiple Young Artist Award nominations. Melissa won 3 for her role as Clarissa.

My children use to love this when it was on TV, it was real childrens TV. I have watched a couple of thee episode and thought it was quite good for a kids TV pragramme.

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