Thursday, 30 July 2009



The rules are set. The game is on.

After graduating from junior high, a group of four friends decide to have a sleepover to celebrate. Hannah (Mika Boreem), Farrah (Scout Taylor-Compton), and Yancy (Kalli Flyn Childress) gather at Julie's (Alexa Vega) parents' house, and eagerly discuss plans for their forthcoming first year at high school. Their excitement is soon brought to a halt, however, when a group of rival girls led by the popular Stacie (Sarah Paxton) challenges them to a scavenger hunt. The stakes are high. So high, in fact, that the winners of the hunt will take a much-coveted place in the dining hall for lunch, thereby securing their popularity at high school. Unfortunately, Julie's dad, Jay (Jeff Garlin), is under orders from her mum (Jane Lynch) not to let the kids leave the house, and so Julie asks her older brother Ren (Sam Huntington) to cover for her while she sneaks out...

Hijacking her dad's car, sneaking into clubs, evading Julie's mother, and even a first kiss....! Anything is possible at Julie's sleepover.

Watched this with my daughter, thought it was really good for a teenager movie, if you haven't yet seen it watch it!!!

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