Thursday, 30 July 2009



Jenny Taylor (Amanda Bynes) has found her ideal man who she just knows would sweep her off her feet. The only problem? He's Jason Masters (Chris Carmack), the world's biggest rock star. Hoping for a chance to get close to her idol, Jenny takes a job in his favourite Caribbean resort with her best friend Ryan (Jonathan Bennett). When Jason is washed overboard in a storm, Jenny jumps in to save him and the pair find themselves stranded on a seemingly-deserted tropical island. Jenny discovers that they have landed mere miles away from the resort, but instead of telling Jason the truth she lets him believe they are stranded so she can make him fall in love with her. But as Jenny's plans fall apart, she begins to realise her personal paradise may have been closer to home all the time...

I really liked this movie, it gets you into the summer mood, and it is really funny. If like Amanda Bynes's movies, this wont disappoint. You won't get bored of the movie and its a real heart warmer. I definitely recommend it!
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