Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Lost And Found Family

The story starts with a wealthy woman, Ester (Ellen Bry), losing her husband only to find that he made some bad investments and lost all their money. The only possession left was a house he bought in Ester’s name years before. One catch, a family occupied the house and she would have to live in the house with them until it sold. The family was two foster parents and five kids. Two of the kids were teens that were dealing with issues of their own. Ester was struggling with loneliness and couldn’t understand that her pain was not top priority to any one else. She describes her situation as being just as much of an orphan as the kids. She also discovers that she needs God to bring her through. They all find that caring for someone else and helping them through their problems will bring them closer together.

Justin Carpenter
, Teri Carpenter, Della Cole, Ken Colquit, Cynthia Evans, Bob King, Stan Patterson, Jeff Portell, Tonya Stoneman, Syvonne, Bruce Taylor XIII, Greg Thompson, Lucas Till, Dolan Wilson.

This is a real feel good movie, that shows you the struggles that foster kids go through and some that don't have it so lucky, this is really a good family movie!!!

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