Monday, 12 October 2009

Candyman 3 Day of the Dead


The ghostly serial killer returns once again from beyond the grave this time to haunt a Los Angeles art gallery owner named Caroline McKeever (Donna D'Errico), a distant relative of the Candyman (Tony Todd), in order for him to claim her soul so she will be next to him while in the meantime, the Candyman goes about killing all those associated with Caroline in the usual gory ways with his hook and making it appear to the authorities that Caroline is the one responsible for the killings.

Alexia Robinson, Jsu Carcia, Mark Adair-Rios, Lupe Ontiveros, Elizabeth Guber, Rena Riffel, Ernie Hudson Jr, Wade Williams, Mike Moroff.

A great movie with blood and gore. That will keep you at the edge of your seat all the way through. Its great to watch the story of the Candyman's comes to light in this third and final movie. Great for a night night in and hiding behind the cushions on the sofa.

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