Saturday, 12 September 2009

Untamed Love


To everyone else, she's a monster. But to one special teacher, she's a very special child.

Six-year old Caitlin vandalises property and attacks other children, causing devastating injuries. She has been branded psychotic and seems doomed to a life behind bars in a mental hospital. But behind this devilish exterior lies a very different character: a charming child with a near-genius IQ. When Caitlin joins Maggie Bernard's special education class, Maggie refuses to give up on a child whom everyone else has abandoned - even if it means challenging the law.

This extraordinary moving story of how one teacher's love, patience and commitment 'tamed' a highly disturbed child.

Cathy Lee Crosby, John Getz, Gary Frank, Jaime Gomez, Richard Fancy, Mel Winker.

This movie is about a teacher who helps a young girl who needs to be shown real love, instead of locking her away. This is a amazing movie that will give you hope, and also teach us a thing or two about what love really is about. Well worth watching. If you like reading the Torey Hayden books you'll love this movie as it is along the same lines.
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