Friday, 18 September 2009

Solar Crisis


The crew of the Helios are on a high-risk mission to investigate a massive solar flare that is threatening the very existence of the Earth, in this super-charged, sci-fi adventure that's packed with dazzling special effects and deep space suspense. The ship is carrying a probe loaded with an anti-matter bomb that has to be shot into the heart of the Sun and, if successful, will trigger the mega-flare in a direction safely away from the Earth. It's a high risk undertaking to disturb a galactic body as powerful as the Sun, a risk increased by saboteurs who are determined to thwart the mission by planting a traitor on the spacecraft.

Tim Matherson, Charlton Heston, Annabel Schofield, Corin Nemec, Testsuya Bessho.

I wouldn't waste my time watching this movie, as its a total waste of space. There are a lot better SciFi out there to watch!!!

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