Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Short Circuit


"A cockles-of-your-heart-warming comedy… not since R2D2 has a mechanical matinee idol been so positively huggable." -Washington Post

Steve Guttenberg and Alley Sheedy co-star in this high-tech comedy adventure about Number Five(Voice by Tim Blaney), a robot who escapes into the real world after he short-circuits in an electrical storm and decides that he's human. Because he's carrying destructive weapons, the Defense Department and his designer (Guttenberg) are desperate to find him. But Number Five is being protected by a young woman (Sheedy) who is teaching him a gentler way of life...

Fisher Stevens, Austin Pendleton, G. W. Bailey, Marvin J. McIntyre, John Garber, Penny Santon, Vernon Weddle, Barbara Tarbuck.

My children enjoyed this when they were growing up, I thought it was a really good children's movie and great for all the family. I recommend this to all!!!

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