Thursday, 24 September 2009


Sometimes a family's love can achieve the impossible... On 12th October 1995, Mavis Marsh answered her door to the news every parent dreads most. 'It's your son,' the policeman told her. 'He's been in an accident.' Only hours earlier, Matthew had been set for a dazzling future but, in one terrible night, a devastating tragedy altered everything. Days later, Mavis found herself standing at her son's bedside as doctors told her to give up all hope. According to them, the damage to Matthew's brain was too severe for him to recover, and the boy she had known and loved was gone forever. But Mavis and her husband, Keith couldn't give up on their only son. And refusing to accept the diagnosis, they started to work with Matthew themselves, desperately urging their comatose son to fight. For months they tried, to no avail. But then, almost half a year later, he suddenly started to respond...

This book is excellent, it was written by Mavis Marsh but its a very sad story on the journey she and her family have been through with her son Matthew. This story makes you appreciate what you have and what a struggle her family and her have been and are still going through.

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