Sunday, 13 September 2009

Pocahontas 2 Journey To A New World

Bursting with high-spirited adventure, daring duels and hilarious new mischief from Meeko (John Kassir), Percy (Danny Mann) and Flit (Frank Welker), Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World boldly presents a fun-filled new chapter in the life of Disney's bravest heroine!

The same breathtaking magic that brought the original Disney Classic to life now sends Pocahontas (Irene Bedard her sing voice by Judy Kuhn) down a new path as she boards a great ship and sails to England! Escorted by dashing British gent John Rolfe (Billy Zane), her oversized bodyguard Uti and stowaways Meeko, Percy and Flit, Pocahontas begins an important mission of peace. An eye opening "new world" awaits her on the bustling, shop-lined streets of London - but so does a deadly new threat from Ratcliffe! As Pocahontas prepares for the elegant King's Ball (Jim Cummings), with comical help from nearsighted maid Mrs. Jenkins (Jean Stapleton), her feelings from Rolfe are growing. But the sudden reappearance of John Smith (Donal Gibson) forces Pocahontas into another life-changing decision, between two loves and two ways of life!

Finola Hughes, Linda Hunt, Russell Means, David Ogden Stiers, Colin McCabe.

True to the long-standing Disney tradition of lush, colorful animation, heartwarming characters and captivating new songs, this all-new Pocahontas adventure stands tall with a spirit all its own!

I really liked the first Pocahontas better than this one, for the musical and the great script. The sequel is not as good but still quite a good movie. I would recommend this to all who has seen the first one, but don't expect it to be just as good, because its not!!!

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