Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Stepmother is an Alien

A million lightyears from home, she's found a husband, a stepdaughter and a dog. When she finds out about sex, she may just stay for weekend.

A comedy of cosmic proportions, My Stepmother is An Alien is the story of dedicated scientist Steve Mills (Dan Aykroyd) who discovers extra-terrestrial life in the sensuous form of Celeste (Kim Basinger) a girl who's literally out of this world! The two have much to learn from each other. For Dr Mills it's the untapped knowledge and secrets of another planet.

For Celeste, it's discovering what kissing's all about. A match made in the heavens, the only shadow is cast by Jessie, Dr Mills' teenage daughter, who has difficulty in accepting her "unusual" Stepmother.

Both hilarious and touching, My Stepmother is An Alien wonderfully demonstrates how beings from two totally different planets are actually quite compatible after all.

Jon Lovitz, Alyson Hannigan, Joseph Maher, Seth Green, Ann Prentiss, Wesley Mann, Tony Jay,
Peter Bromilow, Nina Henderson, Harry Shearer, Adrian Sparks, Juliette Lewis, Tanya Fenmore

This is a must watch movie! The clever understated humour will have you coming back for more. This movie will have you reaching for your hankies.
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