Thursday, 3 September 2009

Made in America


Love, marriage, family. That's the usual sequence - but not for Sarah (Whoopi Goldberg) and Hal (Ted Danson). They're the parents of bright, college-bound Zora (Nia Long) - even though Sarah and Hal never met!

Goldberg and Danson put a wild new spin on family values in 'Made In America', a romantic comedy directed by Richard Benjamin. Curious Zora and her pal Tea Cake (Will Smith) learn that her real father is anonymous sperm-bank donor, and car salesman, Hal (Danson) whose cornball commercials blanket cable TV.

This movie is really good, It's a great comedy. Will Smith is really cheeky in it, in one of his first movies. Things were initially tense with all them getting used to the idea of Hal being her dad, with hilarious consequences. If you have seen it yet then your missing out on a good comedy!!!
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