Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mad Max 3: Beyond The Thunderdome


Two men enter. One man leaves. That's the law in Bartertown's Thunderdome arena. But lawmaker Aunty Entity will soon add another : Don't get Max mad!.

The film stars Mel Gibson for his third go-round as the title hero who takes on the barbarians of the post-nuclear future- and this time becomes the saviour of a tribe of lost children. Music superstar Tina Turner steals what's left of the screen as Aunty Enity, a power-mad dominatrix determined to use Max to tighten her stranglehold on Bartertown.

The directors deliver another rousing final apocalypse-on-wheels and one of the best movie fight scenes ever, as Max and the gladiatorial Blaster face off with maces, chainsaws and anything not nailed down inside the Thunderdome.

Bruce Spence
, Adam Cockburn, Frank Thring, Angelo Rossitto, Paul Larsson, Angry Anderson, Robert Grubbo.

I really enjoyed this movie, but no where near as good as Mad Max or Mad Max 2. There is not was much action in this one compared to the first 2. But still worth a watch if you've seen the first 2. Can't wait to see Mad Max 4, but have to wait till 2011.
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