Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Little Women 1945


Meg (Janet Leigh), Josephine (June Allyson), Amy (Elizabeth Taylor) and Beth (Margaret O'Brien) are the little women who, together with their mother, keep the home fires burning while their preacher father (Leon Ames) serves with the Union army during the Civil War. Meg, the eldest, is a second mother to the troupe while "Jo", the tomboy, takes on the role of man of the house. Amy yearns for the good things in life, and Beth, the youngest and frailest of the four, seeks comfort in gentle music. A simple tale of four young girls coming to womanhood. This is a great summary but, I wanted to mention that Beth is not the youngest March sister - Amy is. The order is Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy.

Peter Lawford, Mary Astor, Lucile Watson, C. Aubrey Smith, Elizabeth Patterson, Harry Davenport, Richard Wyler, Connie Gilchrist, Ellen Corby.

This is my all time favourite classic movies, just love this movie its well better the remake in 1994 with Winona Ryder. Its just fantastic!!!

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