Saturday, 26 September 2009

Intensity by Dean Koontz

Edgler Vess is a sociopath intent on murder. He lives for one purpose only: to satisfy all appetites as they arise, seeking ever more outrageous experience. To live with intensity. When he attacks her friend, Laura, Chyna Shepherd's instincts protect her. Not knowing Laura is already dead, Chyna follows, hoping to save her friend, when Vess carries her body to his motor home -- a dungeon and morgue on wheels. The killer, unaware of her presence, drives away. Her sole aim is to get out alive, until she learns the identity of the killer's next intended victim, and knows she must act to save that precious life.

This book was really a excellent read. It was thrilling, disturbing, exciting and well written. I have read many of Dean Koontz's books and this one is up there with his top books, there is not much difference in story lines between his books but still a good read, but this one really stood out and was incredible! A must read!

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