Tuesday, 1 September 2009

From Dusk Till Dawn 2 Texas Blood Money


Get ready for non-stop action when a bank-robbing gang of misfits heads to Mexico with the blueprints for the perfect million-dollar heist! But when one of the key crooks wanders into the wrong bar..and crosses the wrong vampire..the thieving cohorts one by one develop a thirst for blood to match their hunger for money! Ultimately, the last fully human burglar (Robert Patrick) is forced to join with his arch rival, a Texas sheriff (Bo Hopkins), in an action-packed, kill-or-be-killed battle to stop these vile creatures and save their own lives!

Duane Whitaker, Muse Watson, Brett Harrelson,
Raymond Cruz, James Parks, Stacie Bourgeois,
Maria Checa, Tiffani Thiessen, Bruce Campbell.

This movie is worst movie I have ever seen! The plot, the actors, the special FX, everything in this movie is so unbelievably bad...simply rubbish!
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