Saturday, 5 September 2009



Phillip Brainard (Robin Williams), who is a professor at a college and a small time worker in his own basement, is trying to create a great invention. Unfortunately he always failed to invent something, but he is so obsessed about it that he even puts off his own wedding to his fiancée, Sara (Marcia Gay Harden). One day, he finally invents something that works, this substance can cause even the heaviest things to bounce in the air, 'flying rubber', but Brainard called it "Flubber". However, he sees Sara going out with another professor from another college and several criminals trying to rob him. So, Brainard has to find out a way to defeat the criminals and to get back his Fiancee. Hopefully, Flubber can help him.

Christopher McDonald
, Raymond J. Barry,
Edie McClurg, Jodi Benson, Leslie Stefanson.

I really thought this was a good movie. The rest of my family thought that this was brilliant. The bouncy scenes on the basketball court had us all laughing. If you like a really good laugh then then watch this, as Robin Williams is in it you know your in for a good laugh!

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