Friday, 18 September 2009

Deep In My Heart


Given up for adoption as a baby, Barbara Ann (Gloria Reuben), a child of mixed race, is facing a life of confusion, prejudice and isolation. Raised by a loving foster mother (Lynn Whitfield) in a black neighbourhood, she is suddenly torn from this happy existence and placed in a world with no friends, no joy and no sense of family. But she survives and grows up to become the mother of five children. And it is then that Barbara Ann finds the courage to face her past, to meet with the woman (Anne Bancroft) who gave birth to her all those years ago and to find that place in her heart called home...

Alice Krige, Cara Buono, Jesse L. Martin, Kevin O'Rourke, Peter MacNeill, Albert Schultz.

This is an amazing true story, have your hankies ready as its a bit of a tear jerker. A really good ending, if you haven't seen this movie yet then I recommend you do.
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