Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Carry On Dick


Notorious outlaw Dick Turpin (Sid James) (More commonly referred to as Big Dick) is running rings around King George's Bow Street runners. Can the half-witted Captain Desmond (Kenneth Williams) Fancey, Sir Roger Daley (Bernard Bresslaw) and Sergeant Jock Strapp (Jack Douglas) succeed in bringing the wily rogue to justice?

Sid James and the rest of the 'Carry On' gang are having a ball and everyone is invited, merry England was never merrier.

Barbara Windsor, Hattie Jacques, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor,
Peter Butterworth, Patsy Rowlands, Bill Maynard.

This is one of my favourites, this is so funny movie that will pick you up when you are feeling down or just fed up with it all. This movie has the very young Barbara Windsor staring with Mr Sid James a must watch for all those fans!!!
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