Thursday, 10 September 2009

Carry On Cabby


Seventh entry in the Carry On series, and the first not to feature Kenneth Williams. Charlie (Sid James), owner of the Speedee Cabs company, finds he has some serious competition when his wife Peggy (Hattie Jacques) sets up a rival firm, consisting only of glamorous female drivers. Cabbies driven to distraction include Charles Hawtrey, Kenneth Connor and Jim Dale (in his first Carry On appearance).

Esma Cannon, Liz Fraser, Bill Owen, Milo O'Shea,
Judith Furse, Ambrosine Phillpots, Renne Houston,
Amanda Barrie, Carole Shelley, Cyril Chamberlain.

This is one of the funniest Carry On movie and its a classic. Fantastic British comedy, good one liners and double meanings. Recommend to all Carry On fans!!!!
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