Monday, 7 September 2009

Carry On Behind


Archaelogists Professors Anna Vooshka (Elke Sommer) and Roland Crump (Kenneth Williams) are desparate to begin poking round the remains of a Roman encampment. Unfortunately the local caravan site has been built over the historic site. Holiday pals Ernie Bragg (Jack Douglas) and Fred Ramsden (Windsor Davies) have their sites set on the local beauty spots - campers Sandra (Carol Hawkins) and Carol (Sherrie Hewson)!

All the usual Carry On crew are at hand to fuel the 'in-tents' humour!

Bernard Bresslaw
, Joan Sims, Liz Fraser,
Patsy Rowlands, Ian Lavender.

I think this is one of the best of the movies in the long-running series. It's very, very funny and Kenneth Connor and Peter Butterworth are two of the best comic creations of 1970s cinema. Forget about the rest - this is the best!
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