Friday, 4 September 2009

Amityville A New Generation


New terrors are unleashed in this gripping continuation of the Amityville series. An ancient mirror has now become the unholy host for the evil spirit of the bedevilled house and seven years bad luck is not the only thing to befall anyone cursed by its reflections of misery. Now the terrifying powers entombed in the glass have found a human link to the other side with grave consequences for everyone....

Ross Partridge, Julia Nickson-Soul, Lala Sloatman,
David Naughton, Barbara Howard, Jack Orend,
Richard Roundtree, Terry O'Quinn, Lin Shaye.

This movie was just ok, no real action at all, and doesn'ts really have any scary bit in not like no. 3 but all in all this movie was just ok. Take a shot on it, there's worse movies than this one.

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