Tuesday, 1 September 2009

An American Haunting


Based on a local Tennessee folklore legend. With over 20 books written on the subject, and a town that still lives in fear of the return of the unseen spirit, the story of "An American Haunting" is terrifying. Between the years 1818-1820, the Bell Family (Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, Rahel Hurd-Wood) of Red River, Tennessee was visited by an unknown presence that haunted the family and eventually ended up causing the death of one its members. Starting with small sounds around the farm, and the sighting of a a strange BLACK WOLF with piercing yellow eyes, the sounds escalated into full brutal contact with the certain family members, causing psychological and physical torment. The attacks grew in strength, with the spirit slapping, pulling, dragging, and beating the Bell's youngest daughter. The Bells searched for rational explanations and ways to rid their house of this entity, but to no avail as the spirit began to communicate with them through sounds, and eventually multiple voices that sounded like the wind. The cause of its actions could always be felt, but no being could be seen, and no explanation found- only the promise that one day it would kill one of the family members. Fearing that the haunting was caused by a local woman -branded a witch- who had put a curse upon the family as a result of a land dispute, the Bells tried desperately to find ways to get rid of the woman's curse, yet the attacks and disturbances only escalated. It was not until a manuscript of the local schoolteacher -who lived on the property during the disturbance- was found in 1998 that the horrifying and shocking answer to what caused this haunting would finally be unveiled.

Matthew Marsh
, Thom Fell, Zoe Thorne, Gaye Brown, Sam Alexander, Miquel Brown,
Vernon Dobtcheff, Shauna Shim, Vlad Cruceru, Alin Rosca, Andrei Serban, Courtney Soloman.

This movie was great, Sissy Spacek was brilliant as per usual and Donald Sutherland. This movie pulls you in and keeps you guessing to the end. It is a bit scary in terms of the suspense, if you loved Sleepy Hollow you'll love this. Watch it and see for yourself.
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