Saturday, 26 September 2009

Addams Family Reunion


Gomez (Tim Curry) and Morticia (Daryl Hannah) are horrified to discover that Grandpa (Kevin McCarthy) and Grandma (Estelle Harris) Addams have a rare disease that is slowly turning them "normal". The only chance they have of curing them is to organise a family reunion, hoping that someone knows a home remedy. Unfortunately, due to a printing error, the family arrives at the reunion of an ordinary family named Adams (with one D). While Gomez and Morticia, oblivious to the mistake, search for a cure amongst a family divided by the wish to inherit; Pugsley (Jerry Messing) and Wednesday (Nicole Fugere) are busy making new friends...explode; Uncle Fester (Patrick Thomas) and Thing search for a vicious Chihuahua that lives on human hair; and Lurch (Carel Struycken) falls in love. Meanwhile, a couple going to the reunion are given the wrong address and end up at the Addams mansion where Granny (Alice Ghostly) and Cousin Itt (Phil Fondacaro) are staying. No-one's life will ever be the same...

Heidi Lenhart, Diana Delano, Logan Robbins, Lindsay Haun, Rodger Halston, Hilary Shepard.

They were not as good as the original cast of the Addams Family. The movie is ok but wouldn't go over board about it. It wasn't as good as the original movies, why did they have to change the cast!!!

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