Sunday, 9 August 2009

You Only Live Twice


You only live twice
Once when you are born
and once When you look death in the face.

The fifth film in the Bond series, 'You Only Live Twice' unveils the sinister visage of Ernst Stavro Blofeld for the very first time!

The film is also memorable for its incredible £400,000 set of Blofeld's Volcano operational base, complete with the rocket laucher, helicopter landing pad, monorail and massive shutter. Q's invention 'Little Nellie' - a one man miniature helicopter - also makes a big impact.

An American space mission is interrupted when one of their capsules is literally swallowed up by what they suspect is a Russian spaceship. The Americans threaten to retaliate, but the British think otherwise. Everything depends on Bond as he goes undercover in Japan and discovers that Blofeld is the creator of these interceptor rockets...

I love Sean Connery but not as Bond!!!

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