Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Who Framed Roger Rabbit


It's the story of a cartoon character named Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer) who exists along side of real humans. Eventually, it is revealed that Marvin Acme (Stubby Kaye), the owner of the Acme Company and of Toontown, has been murdered! But all fingers point to Roger Rabbit, a Toon star at Maroon Cartoons. But unfortunately the only person who can prove Roger's innocence is Toon hating Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins), a washed-up, alcoholic private detective who is reluctantly forced into helping when Roger hides in his apartment. It's up to Eddie to clear Roger's name and find the real evildoer before the villainous, power-hungry Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyed) goes on a mission to bring Roger to justice!

Joanna Cassidy, Alan Tilvern, Richard LeParmentier, Lou Hirsh, Betsy Brantly.

This is a brilliant family movie. It has to be said, is one of the greats. It has humour, it has wit, cheesy 80s special effects and a fabulously childish plot line to aid your slipping into an entirely entertained state of being.

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