Thursday, 27 August 2009

When Worlds Collide


David Randall (Richard Derr) is a carefree ladies man and skilled pilot who finds he has been let in on the greatest and most terrible secret in the world when he is paid to deliver some mysterious pictures from one eminent astronomer to another. The recipient, Dr. Hendron (Larry Keating), confirms the awful findings of the sender: the planet Zyra will collide with Earth and wipe out all of humanity. Despite widespread disbelief, two philanthropists give Dr. Hendron some of the money he needs to build a rocket ship that will, at least theoretically, take them to Zyra, which may or may not be habitable for humans. The rest of the money comes from Sydney Stanton (John Hoyt), a wheelchair-bound old man, who insists he come along, despite the severe limitations on the number of passengers and amount of cargo. Meanwhile, as doomsday approaches, Randall is surprised to find himself in a love triangle with Dr. Hendron's daughter and her fiancé. Humanity is in peril, and only a modern-day Noah's ark, and the continued need of a man for a woman, can save it.

This 1951 movie is a classic in the history of science fiction movies. The movie has tended to be overlooked as it came out the same year as The Day the Earth stood still. An excellent classic, have it on DVD and still watch it from time to time!!!

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