Friday, 28 August 2009

Watership Down


In the Sandleford warren, Fiver (Richard Briers), a young runt rabbit who is a seer, receives a frightening vision of his warren's immenient destruction. When he and his loving brother, Hazel (John Hurt), fail to convince their chief of the need to evacuate; they set out on their own with a small band of others who heeded the warning and barely manage to elude the Warren's military caste. What follows is a perilous journey in which the band faces dangers of all varieties like predators, humans and even their own kind. While they eventually find a peaceful new home at Watership Down, they have new problems that will lead to a deadly conflict with the neighbouring Warren called Efrafa, which is a police state by the powerful and insane General Woundwart.

Michael Graham Cox, John Bennett, Ralph Richardson, Simon Cadell, Terrence Rigby, Roy Kinnear, Richard O'Callaghan, Denholm Elliot.

This movie is a classic.
I use to love when I was a child, and it always will be. I still think its great today, I remember my children loved it when they were young to.

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