Sunday, 30 August 2009

Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

Voyage chronicled the adventures of the world's first privately owned nuclear submarine, the SSRN Seaview. Designed by Admiral Harriman Nelson (Richard Basehart), she was a tool of oceanographic research for the Nelson Institute of Marine Research. Though the show is known for its few "monster" episodes, many plots were veiled commentaries of what was happening in the news. Such plotlines as nuclear doomsday, pollution of natural resources, foreign threat, and theft of American technology are all still relevant today.

David Hedison, Robert Dowdell, Del Monroe, Terry Becker, Paul Trinka.

I always remember watching this with my dad when I was younger. Really thought it was good. Each episode was good cant say and remember an bad ones, which I think there wasn't any. If you haven't seen this series, then your missing out, its really good for its day.

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