Friday, 28 August 2009

V The Final Battle


Who will claim the V for victory?

Is there life out there? Finally we know. Because they are here. Alien spacecraft with humanlike passengers have come to Earth. They say they come in peace for food and water. The water they find in our reservoirs. The food they find walking about everywhere on two legs.

That saga that began with V now culminates in a struggle to save the world in V: The Final Battle. Sci-fi film stalwarts Marc Singer, Robert Englund and Michael Ironside head a large cast in this tense adventure that leaps from the stunning revelation of reptilian beings concealed by human masks to the birth of the first human/spaceling child to the harrowing countdown to nuclear doomsday. The future begins or ends here.

Jane Badler, Michael Durrell, Faye Grant, Richard Herd, Thomas Hill, Peter Nelson, David Packer, Eric Johnston, Blair Tefkin, Denise Galik.

I loved V when it was first shown on t.v. in 1984 and I decided to buy the DVD, it brought back some memories. While it is not particularly great in the special effects department, it still provides a great viewing suitable for most of the family to watch.
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