Saturday, 29 August 2009

A Touch of Frost


As D.I. Frost (David Jason) and sidekick D.C. Clive Barnard (Matt Bardock) search for a missing girl they find themselves uncovering a crime dating back 30 years. Frost is also coming to terms with the trauma of his wife's death, not surprisingly, he finds refuge in his work.

Frost, now with new sidekick, D.C. Webster (George Anton), a Scotsman who's struggling to fit in at Denton Police Station are on the case as a pensioner is put in hospital by a hit and run driver. Evidence left at the scene leads them to the arrogant son of a Member of Parliament. A robbery has also taken place at the local casino run by Phyllis Bowman, a lady who definitely doesn't care for the attentions of the Police.

Didn't get to see much of this series but what I did see I really enjoyed watching it. Frost will be one of those characters that you just love and never not able to watch the episodes over and over again, if you fancy a mystery or even just to follow the story of the characters...
This has it all!!!

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