Monday, 24 August 2009

Pride And Prejudice


In this lavish adaptation of Jane Austen's classical romance, Elizabeth Bennett (Jennifer Ehle) is a strong-willed yet sensible young woman whose father is a gentleman with a quite modest estate and whose uncle suffers in status from being a businessman in Cheapside. She has four sisters, a long-suffering but loving father (Benjamin Whitrow), and a mother (Alison Steadman) anxious to marry them to wealthy young gentlemen. At a local ball, she encounters one such wealthy young man, Mr. Fitzwilliam (Anthony Calf) Darcy -- and as Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) is arrogant, cold and rude, it is hatred at first sight. As her older sister Jane (Susannah Harker) falls in love with Mr. Darcy's best friend Mr. Bingley (Crispin Bonham-Carter), and her youngest sister Lydia (Julia Sawalha) flirts with anyone in a military uniform, Lizzie finds herself fighting off the attentions of the unctuous Mr. Collins (David Bamber) and quite taken by the charming Mr. Wickham (Adrian Lukis) - who also happens to be an enemy of Mr. Darcy. However, as the characters succumb in many ways to pride and prejudice, Lizzie learns that not all is quite as it seems...and that Mr. Darcy might not be so disagreeable after all.

What can I say except Excellent period drama. I've seen the new movie and this is by far the best version, yes its longer but some things you just can not shorten. Love it every time I watch it. If you like period drama's this is one for you, this is the best version of all movies and TV series.

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