Friday, 7 August 2009

Paint Your Wagon


Set in No Name City, California during the gold rush, this musical comedy concerns prospectors Ben and Pardner and their unusual nuclear family. The business partners strike a deal to share Ben's wife Elizabeth, whom Ben purchased from a Mormon. But the free-thinking Ben is worried about rivalry over Elizabeth from the town's all-male population, hungry for female company. So he arranges to kidnap a stagecoach full of working girls on their way to a nearby city, and sets up a brothel in No Name.

Lee Marvin
, Clint Eastwood, Jean Seberg, Harve Presnell, Ray Walston, Tom Ligon, Alan Dexter.

I was only a teenager when I first watched this with my dad what a fantastic movie that is a must for any serious collector or lover of outrageous humour. I would highly recommend you watch this movie if you haven't seen it yet!!!

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