Saturday, 29 August 2009

My Uncle Silas


The rural tale of a loveable, romantic rogue who delights in cocking a snoot at the respectable conventions of life in Edwardian England. Silas (5 time Oscar nominated Albert Finney) is an incorrigible character - a drunk and a lecher who embarks on a series of comical adventures with his 10 year old nephew (Prospero) during one summer Featuring a guest appearance form Charlotte Rampling. Sumptuously filmed this production does full justice to the original work and successfully evokes memories of a bygone England.

Sue Johnston, Joe Prospero, Jullian Holloway, Jennifer Piercy, Janet Henfrey,
Andrew Greenough, Lisa Kay.

This is an excellent series by H.E. Bates. This is a hilarious series and keeps you glued for hours. Excellent acting from all the cast.

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