Thursday, 20 August 2009

Mad Love


Matt (Chris O'Donnell) and Casey (Drew Barrymore) are Seattle teens that find love. However, Casey suffers from clinical depression, and is hospitalized for a suicide attempt. Matt, caring for Casey too much to leave her, helps her escape from the hospital, and they take to the road. Heading toward Mexico, Casey beings to experience the depression again. Matt, trying to help her, becomes scared. After another suicide attempt, deftly parried by Matt, they return to Seattle and their families, where Casey agrees to medication for her problem.

Matthew Lillard, Richard Chaim, Robert Nadir, Joan Allen, Jude Ciccolella, Amy Sakasitz, T. J. Lowther, Kevin Dunn, Elaine Miles, Sharon Collar.

This is an excellent movie with superb acting and a dramatic plot. It left me in tears and it can be watched over and over again - a recommendation for anyone who likes a soppy love movie with a modern twist!!!

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