Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Land That Time Forgot

(Not Sure)

The film takes place in the present, when two newlywed couples are enjoying a charter boat cruise through the Caribbean. Passing through a bizarre storm, they emerge off the shore of the mysterious island of Caprona.

The island, which seems to exist within a time void inside the Bermuda Triangle, is full of anachronistic inhabitants, including dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals and the crew of a stranded German U-Boat. The newlyweds, along with the charter boat's captain and the Germans, must battle a variety of obstacles to escape the island and get back to their own time.

C. Thomas Howell, Timothy Bottoms, Lindsey McKeon, Darren Dalton, Stephen Blackehart, Christopher Showerman, Patrick Gorman, Scott Subiono, Anya Benton, David Stevens.

Don't bother wasting your time on this movie, not worth your time. Its definitely a B movie, with bad acting. There are only 2 dinosaurs in this movie, T-rex and Pterodactyl. So what does that tell you, it could of better movie!!!
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