Saturday, 29 August 2009

Kung Fu


Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine) is the son of an American man and a Chinese woman. After his parents died, he went to the Shaolin Temple and there mastered the art of Kung Fu. One day while with his teacher Master Po (Keye Luke) , they crossed paths with the Emperor's nephew, who in a fit of rage shot Po. Caine in a fit of rage killed him. He then became a wanted man and fleed to America. Upon arriving he learned that he had a half-brother, Danny (Tim McIntire), so he set out to find him. At the same he is being hounded by bounty hunters, it seems the Royal family have placed a price on him. As he travels he meets people with problems that parallel his experiences in China that he uses to help them.

Radames Pera, Philip Ahn, James Hong, Richard Loo, James Weatherill, Victor Sen Yung.

Really use to enjoy watching these when I was growing up. I loved the slow motion filming in fighting sequences action as well as the philosophical aspects whilst traveling through the "wild West". nostalgic experience for me that brought me back to my teens. A really excellent TV series!!!

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