Wednesday, 26 August 2009

House of Wax


Teenage friends Nick Jones (Chad Michael Murray), Wade (Jared Padalecki), Dalton Chapman (Jon Abrahams), Blake (Richard Ri'chard), Carly Jones (Elisha Cuthbert) and Paige Edwards (Paris Hilton) must camp in a godforsaken part of Louisiana on their way to a college football game and get a good scare finding a pile of deer meat and one human arm- fake. After the fan belt of Wade's car breaks he decides, not really a fan anyway, to stay behind with his girl while the others drove on. the pair accepts a local's ride, but rather rudely make him stop doubting his sincerity, as turns out just outside the nearest town he tipped them off to have a garage. It's a sleepy place, where they are scolding for interrupting a funeral to get the mechanic. waiting for him, they wonder into the town's only attraction, a nevertheless empty wax figures museum. After his arrival, they split up and their nightmare starts, ultimately being captured and tortured by a madman, or two, who already produced the wax people from once live ones. Meanwhile the other mates gave up braving a traffic jam that made them loose too much time to attend the match, and return, only to fall prey themselves. Still some survive and fight back.

Brian Van Holt, Dragicia Debert, Thomas Adamson, Murray Smith, Sam Harkess, Damon Herriman, Andy Anderson.

I can quite honestly say that this movie is creepy. It isn't scary but then I don't think it is meant to be, it is just damned creepy and the gore-switch is on high. Great little movie and I enjoyed it alot.

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