Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Hills Have Eyes 2


What started with the Carter family clearly didn't end with the Carter family...

Co-written by Wes Craven and his son Jonathan Craven, Fox Atomic's The Hills Have Eyes 2 is directed by Martin Weisz, and produced by Wes Craven, Marianne Maddalena and Peter Locke.

As part of a routine mission, a unit of National Guard soldiers stop at a New Mexico outpost in order to deliver equipment to a group of atomic scientists. When they arrive at the isolated research camp, however, they find it is mysteriously deserted. After spotting a distress signal in a distant mountain range, the team decide to embark on a search and rescue mission into the hills in order to locate the missing scientists. Little do they know that these are the very hills that the ill-fated Carter family (Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw, Emilie De Ravin, Dan Byrd, Ted Levine, in the first movie) once visited, and that a tribe of cannibalistic mutants lies in wait. And this time, there is an even larger force of evil at work that is intent on the soldiers' very destruction: the worst of the worst - the family patriarch Papa Hades (Michael Bailey Smith) - plans to keep the women as breeders in order to ensure the survival of the mutant clan. Thus, the un-expecting group of soldiers must learn to band together against a foe that is intent on their very destruction.

Michael McMillian, Jessica Stroup, Jacob Vargas, Flex Alexander, Lee Thompson Young, Daniella Alonso, Eric Edelstein, Reshad Strik, Ben Crowley.

Watch this the other night it was quite good. Made me jump in quite a few parts of the movie. Not as good as the first but still good. I recommend you watch this if you have seen the first movie.
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