Friday, 7 August 2009

High Noon


The story of a man who was too proud to run.

On the day Lawman Will Kane trades in his tin star for his beautiful bride, news arrives that a killer he helped send to jail is returning on the noon train to seek revenge. At the behest of his friends and concerned for his new bride's safety, they quickly leave town to avoid a confrontation. But Cooper realises they'll never run far enough away, and heads back to town to face the killer.

But when Kane tries to drum up support, one by one the townspeople he had protected turn their backs on him... until Kane stands alone to face four killers on the deserted streets of town in one of the most famous showdowns ever!

Garry Cooper, Thomas Mitchell, Lloyd Bridges, Katy Jurado, Grace Kelly, Otto Kruger.

This movie is well worth the watching - the build up of suspense from the beginning until the climax make it a bit of a nail-biter really. Also a movie with nothing in it which might make it unsuitable for kids enjoyment. To my mind the most enjoyable of westerns involve a good mix of suspense and action - this one has it all.

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