Monday, 24 August 2009

Hidden Jewel

Fourth novel in the spellbinding Landry family series; Pearl hopes for happiness, but destiny is drawing her deep into the shadows of her family's tainted past. Raised in a New Orleans mansion filled with kindness and laughter, Ruby Landry's daughter Pearl dreams of becoming a doctor. But, after a cruel accident befalls one of Pearl's twin brothers, her tormented mother flees back to her Cajun roots, and Pearl's dreams of success swirl away with the hurricane winds. In the warm embrace of a gentle Cajun man, she discovers a refuge. But until the shocking truths of her heritage are finally uncovered, Pearl will never be able to find true peace of mind.

When I read all the Landry series, I could not put them down. It was written with such passion and feeling. I read all of them in order and when I came to the last one I was so disappointed. That it had to end, a great story line. I recommend to all fans!!!

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